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As we wave goodbye to summer and are now bracing ourselves for winter. In the later months of summer we had the pleasure of reviewing Just Bee Drinks, a brand new company launched in 2015 who are the UK’s leading brand of honey and spring water infused drinks formula which features a drop of honey and spring water. The mix of honey and spring water compliments one another to create a fresh unique mix. The innovative mix also transferred into their company branding and voice. When we initially contacted Bee drinks our mission was to collaborate with a brand which we saw had a similar innovation and focus as ourselves. My first contact was met with a gift pack.

The gift pack included 3 of their drinks in their range. The package also included a pack of wildflower seeds, which we will be planting in the coming weeks.

Who are Just Bee Drinks

We first came across Bee Drinks whilst watching one of our favourite tv shows Dragons Den. Whilst taking in some inspiration a duo then entered the tv screen with such determination and charisma that they caught our attention.

The product being pitched was Bee Drinks featuring their special ingredient, a drop of honey for natural sweetness. They have a strong devotion to nurture and protect Bees which follows a strong family history of working with bees with the companies founders Joe Harper and Andy Sugdens; Joe’s dad and grandad were both bee keepers. This goes hand-in-hand with their message on the wildflower seeds packet.

” Without bees to pollinate crops, almost everything we eat would vanish. And right now bees are struggling to survive just Bee x”

Just Bees drink range:

Apple and Ginger, Lemon & Lime and Blueberry. Our personal favourite is the Apple & Ginger flavour as it offers a strong zest of ginger as well as a light after taste.

To experience a taste of creativity and zest infusion, you can enjoy this from the stockists provided in the link below Stockists.



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